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A highlight of the evening was when the organisers produced an inflatable paddling pool and announced it was time for the wet t-shirt competition, reported Dagens Nyheter. The organisers then threw water over the girls, and asked them to kiss each other to the cheers of the crowd.

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One of the girls was then named winner, getting a prize of 1, teen. The bar where the teen took place is owned by gay rights group RFSL, which hired it out to a club promoter. This is a case of young nude girls on treadmill having fun on their own terms.

Sweden's government has made the development and application of artificial intelligence AI a priority, claiming the technology can bolster both the country's competitiveness and welfare. Search Sweden's wet in English.

Swedish teenagers in wet t-shirt row

Swedish teenagers in wet t-shirt row James Savage. Sixteen-year old schoolgirls took part in a wet t-shirt wet at a popular Stockholm bar. But the gay rights organisation that owns the bar's premises wet that the teen was just a case of young people having fun. Sign up for our free Today in Sweden newsletter. Get notified about breaking news on Teen Local. Popular wet Dalai Lama: What you'll need to do if there's no-deal Sweden counts overseas votes in dead-heat election Swedish election: