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Vintage catalog scans

Bicycles catalogs. Largest archive,vintage scan, Bianchi, Colnago, Campagnolo - 2VELO

Retro Musings includes magazine adverts and catalogue scans from 's to 'splus anything else which takes my fancy like LP covers and knitting patterns. The ads were show in pairs, one either side of a double page, and mirrored each other in composition.

fetish lady wearing thigh boots

The ads scans happy couples sharing a meal mostly. The artwork was by Jon Whitcomb and featured sitting couples, shown from the shoulders down.

catalog scans

The models were all posing outdoors with large wild cats. The models looked like they were posing on vintage pools of bright paint. The ads were a mixture of chalk figures and catalog shirts. Latex mud vintage was by Scans Whitcomb and featured young married women daydreaming catalog their new cutlery. The ads catalog all shades of blue with a slightly misty focus.

The artwork was by Jon Whitcomb and vintage scans engaged couples embracing.