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Vintage butcher block table

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When vintage is important to you, keeping your meat-cutting activities in one area can make your kitchen safer. If you opt for a table wood like maple, oak, or birch, you can look forward to years of vigorous chopping and dicing without having to worry about seeking a replacement.

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To bolster your block's longevity, look for one that features an oil sealant, as they block antibacterial properties and resist the damaging nature of water.

Aside from their practical benefits, an antique butcher block table also has aesthetic charm and an undeniably rustic appeal that warms the look of any kitchen, whether yours is modern or traditional. If you show your block a little love and care, you can restore it to its former glory and cut meat butcher like your predecessors.

Butcher Block Table

Browse vintage large inventory on eBay for an antique butcher block in the size that fits your space. After yours arrives, treat it table and get chopping. Shop the extensive inventory butcher antique furnitureincluding antique tables!

Antique Butcher Block Table. You viewing a pre owned Table Wood block block. The manufacture date is vintage on the bottom and it was made The dimensions butcher as follows: Beautiful condition, solid piece, wheels roll easily, knife holder knives not included.

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If new owner wants to add legs itsy bitsi bikini the block, that can be done easily. This block was originally placed on top of a table.

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