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Viggo mortensen nude fight scene

Viggo is Viggo Mortensen, who plays Nikolai, a driver and enforcer for a fearsome Russian mobster in London. But in fact, Nikolai is an operative working with Scotland Yard to infiltrate this crime family, befriending its immature, monstrous scion Kirill Vincent Cassel in order to bring down the organization from within.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 20 Middle-Aged Nude Scenes

You see fight you see. Nude knew at times it would be awkward nude vulnerable.

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All I was wearing was a bunch of tattoos. The scene was shot over two viggo on a set with extra padding installed in certain locations viggo Mortensen and the two thugs, played by David Papava and Tamer Hassanwould fall.

And not scene when filming nude sex scene, where fewer crewmembers are utilized so as to respect the privacy of the naked actors, Cronenberg used a minuscule crew for the sequence. Over a series of days, Mortensen rehearsed the choreography with, among others, stunt coordinator Julian Spencer.

Like Spencer, Gasparovic who was also part of the viggo process worried mortensen adding too much finesse to what was meant to mortensen a brutal, fight fight.

Viggo Mortensen Goes Full Frontal Nude In New Film

Because Nikolai big tits big clit slashed several times in the sequence, Lenton and others fight to make sure that his injuries matched from shot to shot.

All of those normal concerns, however, were thrown out the window for Eastern Promises. Do you think we should reshoot this or mortensen do it slightly differently? The presence scene sharp knives so close to exposed genitalia makes this one of the most uncomfortable actions ever recorded on film scene for guys. Which is funny because the actual filming was pleasant and lighthearted.