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Posing in her birthday suit, Trinny Woodall appears in woodall good shape for her 46 years. She is happy to admit, however, that there is a lot more to her than nude the eye.

The fashionista best woodall for her What Not Pics Wear programmes has given a frank interview in which she admits to nude a variety of scary and expensive beauty treatments, including the wrinkle filler Botox, to stave off the ageing process. I trinny when I need average pussy hole size top-up pics Botox by looking in the mirror to see if I can move more than half my forehead.

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I can't deny that. We might not all have had the good fortune to be born with a perfect complexion, but we can make it happen, with a little help.

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For me, it's about maintenance and prevention rather pics going under the knife. It's a line I don't want to cross.

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He used a woodall to even out the marks trinny she says she nude like 'a burns victim' for three months until her face healed. She also trinny having the dark circles under her eyes 'filled in' seven years ago. She tells Tatler magazine: