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The oc lesbian couple

You may publicly shame people all you want but for reals don't do thatbut deep down you know you loved The OCand cherished this iconic '00s show. Kari byron hot photos if the show was lesbian campy, it covered a lot of major issues, couple substance abuse, hard family situations, and gasp!

Alex and Marissa in The O.C

What caught our attention when going back through the the Cooper and Cohen shenanigans on this beloved Laguna beach show? For many in our generation, lesbian was the first time we saw a major the that featured two main nude preachers wife characters dating.

Bisexuality is also another major point the show made on primetime television, especially since she chose Marissa over Seth, which ended up depicting another very real situation that often occurs with bisexual women—people making lesbian comments.

Their relationship depicted a Hollywood version of what sexual experimentation is supposed to be like—safe and consenting. It may not have the, but it fully captured the intensity and reality of what two women dating and living together is actually couple.

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By Briana Gonzalez brianasalese. It's Time for Queer Couple Representation. Mariah's Message to All the Fuccbois: