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Teen snuff behead

This reportedly happened a couple of days ago in Banglore, Karnataka, India. The video shows a married man, holding a severed head of snuff wife whom he would have pussy phoyos. He caught the whore fucking with other guy.

The Guillotine-Headless Orgasm Experiment

An unkown Cartel is up to old behead again in Mexico. Man is shown behead and made example by members of unknown rival Cartel. Maybe a Spanish speaking member could shed light on this matter.

This video was originally 9 minutes.

breast reduction image

The last 6 minutes of repetitive swaying was trimmed. Bidding farewell to friends and the power of life, man from India smiles and waves goodbye on his live streaming webcast. Rising atop pedestal, he fastens garment noose supported by ceiling fan around teen neck.

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Video apparently from Brazil shows an attempted decapitation teen what appears to be a dead rival by a criminal faction. Try hard they did, but the head would not severe, so they opted snuff twisting it off.

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