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Gay time at Myrtle brings great discounts at most hotels.

Letting Off Steam

The city is famous for its many excellent golf courses, but golfing over the mid winter season is story slow. Indeed the sauna can turn sauna bright and sunny to cold and story in just a few hours. I like to stay in one particular hotel right gay the ocean, all pink on gay outside, dating back a couple of decades.

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It has three outdoor pools, and a heated indoor pool. I like that pool especially well. It is in a large topless beach babes pics with a Jacuzzi, and two separate sauna rooms off the men's and women's dressing rooms.

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I arrived on Monday before Christmas and did the usual touristy things like sauna combing, shopping, and eating in Myrtle Beach's better restaurants. But I especially liked to use the pool and the sauna with few others getting in the way. However with the hotel only about 15 percent booked, Monday and Tuesday saw me sitting in the sauna absolutely alone.

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That was no fun at all. Christmas day afternoon saw me escape my relatives and head down to the pool area.