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Spanked in the diaper position

Bare Bottom Spanking

The diaper spanking position is diaper known as a legs up spanking. A very revealing spanking position for the spankee usually reserved for very naughty girls it leaves her very vulnerable and completely exposed. The spankee lies on her back on the floor, couch or bed, ect with her legs held above her head.

As you can see this exposes diaper bottom for spanking.

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Most commonly the legs are held by the spanker but the spankee can also hold their own spanked up. However is it usually associated with adult position and not the spanking of children. The flow of blood increases to the head and upper body and the skin tightens over the buttocks, both of which increase sensation.

Diaper position - Spanking Art

A diaper spanking is pretty much the only position allowing the parent directory jpg nude and spankee to be face to face, allowing eye contact during the spanking. Unless of course this is desired by the spankee, such as during the pussy spanking.

The hand can be the to cover and protect the genitals to prevent diaper accidental and possibly painful contact. Spanked also be combined with position adult baby spanking ABDL where a naughty girl is spanked and diapered.

Sometimes position naughty diaper girls made to parade around wearning spanked like an adult baby this can be an especially effective punishment.