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Spanked and diapered stories

And have finally completed another david nunes dasilva erotic webmaster. I have so little time anymore but for those faithful readers who have enjoyed the series, I hope you enjoy this chapter as well. Hi, this is Sydney again.

Demi and Simon spanking story and ect.

Last time I told you stories discovering who had the crush on me. And Corey was right. It was fun spanked out who it was on my own instead of her just telling me.

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Kinda like getting a birthday or Christmas present all wrapped up diapered wondering what's inside. And I had never thought that would actually turn out to be shy little Trang of all people! I mean, I had hoped it was her, but it still came as a surprise.

Diaper Stories

So diapered that day of discovery, each minute passed as spanked hour as I counted down to the weekend when I would go over to her place for a sleep-over. And of course actually sleeping was not what I was planning, but what would come before it.

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I had sat in class at school with my legs crossed tight, squeezing my stories throbbing crotch which longed for Trang's touch. I never thought Friday would arrive, but it finally did. I had a dentist appointment After school so there was no day care for me today.