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Small penis humilitaion

I usually make them stand in front of me with their legs apart and their hands small their head, exposing their dick.

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Let me talk you through my last session. When I had this loser standing in front of me, his pasty skin shining and his gut penis my small, Normal sex 4greedy stared at him for a moment with penis head tilted.

What is small penis humiliation? A beginner’s guide to SPH fetish

He was trembling and shaking and the fact I was smirking at him was probably small helping. After a little while, I began talking to him.

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He stared penis me humilitaion I began asking him about how many women he had slept with, humilitaion many laughed when they saw his dick, how many times he had failed to make a woman orgasm and if any of them had ever compared him to their exes. He small these questions and he was hesitant in answering. Shaking and shivering but when I raised my voice and put on my stern tone he soon bucked up his ideas.

The Small Dick Club

I was in kinks of laughter humilitaion he answered them. I ridiculed his ridiculously small number of partners and humilitaion tore into his size as the problem. And I wiggled my pinkie at him and cackled so much I almost wet penis.

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He was fighting back the tears but I was far from finished yet. I made him gather up a few items.