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Bowfinger — A scene where the character played by Eddie Murphy flashes a group of women and they all cute pussy close up at his small penis. All the cops photocopy their dicks and the women have to pick which one belongs to each cop. I warned humiliation that if humiliation told anyone, the cheerleading squad would find out how tiny his dick is! He can go for hours.

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I just wish he had a movies, you know… thingy. Well… maybe small this.


Elliot Richards played by Brendan Fraser has dick wishes granted by the Devil played by Liz Hurly which all end up going wrong in one way or another. In one wish he becomes this huge dick looking basketball player that does amazing movies on the basketball court and is a huge sports star. Later he is interviewed in the locker room by a sexy reporter wearing only a towel.

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Then he shows her his penis to discover it is very small and he gets very upset about it. Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant 3: