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Size 38 d boobs

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Plenty of guys find them hot and fun erotic massage parlor story play with and don't worry about what a guy thinks, some will like small, some will like big and others just love boobies regardless of size. Gay junge don't neccessarily have a preference, I just love boobs: Just checked out your pictures, I think they really suit your body type.

They are deffinilty not a turn off, you look great. I love D's and DD's. They are a total turn on.

Is a 38D considered small, medium, or big?

I would consider it to be big They are pretty perfect to be honest: Well I'm 13 and that's my bra size and I'm 5'3" and all my friends say they are big. Is a 38D considered small, medium, or big?

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Some guys like small, some like big Also is my size a turn on or a turn off? Just thought some pics boobs be helpful.

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To me size don't seem very big. Women in a long term relationship, what kind of contraception method do you use?