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Shaved nape hair

NAPE Hair SHAVED off !!! Hair cut videos - hair cutting and haircut at home - Video Dailymotion

Not quite ready hair commit to fully chopping your hair for summer? This hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds.

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This is like the cooler, smarter, less-committed version that has some serious fit-girl benefits. Shaving the underside of your head a will help keep your he came on my pussy extra cool shaved those sweaty hair sessions we all have those annoying nape that stick to the back of our neck ; hair shaved adds a super edgy touch to your bad-hair-day topknot; and c you can't even tell that it's missing when your hair is down we promise.

Do you have long hair but shaved nape of neck. | 2Peas Refugees

It's gaining traction on Instagram and Pinterest AKA the holy grails of all things style just in time for you to get one for summer. These photos will show you that buzzing doesn't have to be terrifying, and will give nape some serious hair-spiration.

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Just search napecut or undercut on Instagram, and you'll hit the goldmine. You can keep it super simple and buzz just the nape of your neck for a keep-cool solution that's edgy but not too risque.

Shaved nape hair

Click through to this Instagram video if you're still worried about what nape hair looks like when it's down. Then, use this basic but beautiful geometric shaved at your undercut inspiration. Keep it feminine with a basic floral, like this Instagram style.