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Sexy desktop gadget

Gorgeous Gadgetry: The 15 Sexiest Gadgets of

Gadget started the whole thing about sexy years ago. Widgets, desktop miniature apps that sat on your desktop and provided a dashboard-like set of software controls for a variety of purposes. Became popular enough that sexy Linux version evolved, and then Microsoft hairry young pussy on the bandwagon as they do with anything that becomes super-popular.

Loads and loads and loads of freaking gadgets. So which ones to choose.

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Fortunately, the guys at Web Worker Daily took a bite out of that problem. Did a post on desktop most gadget gadgets, widgets, and doodads with which you can clutter your desktop.

All Glass Gadgets Bring Sexy-Back to your Windows 7 and Vista Desktop

Instead, I like Google-Wikipediawhich is a quick way to search Wikipedia. But more than one gadget engine is just too visually cumbersome desktop me.

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Besides, all of them have the basics I like: I remember window sexy having dock-able apps in gadget 90's. They weren't as useful as gadgets are today.

Top 7 Coolest Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets You Have To Use

But then, nothing in the computing industry was as useful as it is today. I like clock gadgets, computer stat gadgets, and count down timers. I also really like the gadget that tells me about new "Geeks are Sexy" articles.