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Sex at parties

How to host sex parties (and why you probably won’t)

Hosting sex parties is hard because:. Your party is who you know and who knows and trusts you.

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Trust may be the most important quality of all, rivaled only by taste. These challenges can be overcome but they are real.

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The current equilibrium exists the way it does for a reason. To host sex party you need trust. To get people who trust each other and youyou need to vet them and vice-versa. There is no shortcut, and a parties host has to find and choose people who are, among other things, open-minded, generative, parties, reasonably attractive, parties like to show up, disease-free, supportive, and so on.

Hosts especially need couples and couples are the foundation of good parties.

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A male-female couple keeps the ratio pretty even, and for most sex an even gender ratio is good. Invite too many single girls and a lot of them will be stuck on the sidelines having a katrina kaif showing her tits sex jam instead of getting fucked like they want.

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Most girls also want to be approached rather than doing the approaching.