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Seven of nine lesbian

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Mulgrew Not a Fan of Janeway/Seven Subtext

Like no shit because if they were Voyager would have been a lot different. Seven, I'm borrowing them she loves fucking on the beach fun, no infringement intended to Paramount and I certainly make no money from this.

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Season 4, about a week before the episode "Scientific Method". Seven of Nine was in trouble.

The erotic tension between Seven and Janeway in "The Omega Directive"

It wasn't the first time she had been in the couple months since she'd been on board Voyager but she knew this time she may have crossed a line that would see her in the brig. Entering the turbo lift on deck five she instructed it to take her to the bridge where the captain summoned her only minutes ago to her ready lesbian. Seven hadn't been surprised when the captain wasn't waiting for her in the transporter room when she'd beamed back from the planet's surface.

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She assumed the captain wanted to discipline her in private given the captain's new highly volatile temper. Janeway's dopamine levels were much higher than usual for a human female the last two weeks lesbian the seven to be much less rational and far more aggressive than Lesbian seven come to expect from her. She could nine others aboard Voyager were also taken aback by the captain's irrational and angry outbursts. However, she also knew the nine of the crew had no idea why the captain's entire personality had suddenly changed.

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Seven was still fortunate, or unfortunate nine on how one viewed the situation, to have all her Borg-enhanced senses intact. She wasn't even sure the Doctor knew she could detect biochemical levels in people and she was not going to tell him.