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Rush hour 3 nude scenes

When a Chinese ambassador about to reveal the identity of rush leader of a notorious crime syndicate is shot and lies in a coma the two detectives travel to France to find out who's responsible. Directed by Brett Ratner.

Rush Hour 3 (2007) Nude Scenes

Cabaret dancers wear tops that are made only of beads and reveal part of their bare breasts. Several hour clad women dressed in cabaret costumes are shown in a dressing room, a man enters and identifies himself as a costume designer and he has them disrobe to evaluate hour for new costumes; we see the women lined up wearing only thong underwear bare buttocks, backs, legs and shoulders rush visible and he looks them over.

Women wearing men tailored scenes dance on a stage, they pull their pants off and we see big nude women pics in panties, origin of the dildo belts and stockings that reveal their bare thighs.

A police officer handcuffs two women and has them bend scenes the hood of their car; they both wear low-cut and short dresses that reveal nude legs and cleavage.


A man tells another man that he has arranged a date for them with two women and that one nude the women wants nude play "hide the little Asian policeman. An outtake rush shows a man talking about "dirty movies" he'd scenes to watch, and he refers to a variety of animals.

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A man kisses another man on both facial cheeks. We see blood on a man's face and ear after a fight. A man holds a woman by the throat, another man grabs hour and the woman kicks and punches him.