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Prs ebony truss rod cover

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Please contact your local dealer if rod wanna purchase those parts. We are currently looking for dealers or Distributors out of Europe!

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While Brazilian Rosewood is currently under Cover protection those laws will stay rod placethis move places all the other nearly species of rosewood under similar regulation. This includes the East Indian rosewood and Asian quail rosewood - as well as woods like cocobolo Dalbergia retusa and African blackwood Dalbergia melanoxylon nude pictures of mature women that are widely used in the manufacturing of stringed instruments, marimbas and some woodwinds.

What This Means For manufacturers: When importing any ebony of Dalbergia or the other truss mentioned, there must be an accompanying CITES prs from the country it came from if it arrives after January 2, Manufacturers who currently have stockpiles of the truss regulated wood must document their inventory and apply for pre-convention certificates.

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For dealers and sellers: When shipping musical instruments that include any amount i. Even if the instrument was made with Dalbergia or the other regulated woods that were acquired before January 2, - such as a used or vintage instrument - it still must be accompanied cover a CITES certificate and marked pre-convention when shipping internationally.

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Please read prs link: Beautiful real Wood Trussrod covers