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Photo of anal fistula

Anal fistula plural fistulaeor fistula-in-anois a chronic abnormal communication photo the epithelialised surface photo the anal canal and usually the perianal skin. They can form when anal abscesses do not heal properly. Anal fistulae originate from the anal glandswhich are located between the internal anal external anal sphincter and drain into the anal canal.

The tract formed by this process is a fistula.

What is a Fistula?

Abscesses can recur if the fistula seals over, allowing the accumulation of pus. It can then extend to the surface again - repeating the process. Anal fistulae per se do not generally harm, but can be very painful, and can be irritating because of the drainage of pus it is also possible for formed stools to be passed through fistula fistula. Additionally, recurrent abscesses may lead to significant short term morbidity from pain and, importantly, create a starting point for systemic infection.

Treatment, in the form of surgery, is considered essential to allow drainage and prevent infection.

Anal Fistulas – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Repair of the fistula itself is considered an elective procedure which many patients opt for due to the discomfort and inconvenience associated with an actively draining fistula. Depending on their relationship with the internal and external sphincter muscles, fistulae are classified into five types:.

Anal fistulae can present with the following adult fun in durban The fistula may be explored by using a fistula probe a narrow instrument.

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