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Peeing her pants stories

This is about girls peeing their pants, by accident, or her sexual pleasure. Some stories may be loosely based on personal experiences.

My pee stories!!!

Personally, she would not have cared if she had made it to work on time, she hated it. Vanessa pulled up to the local Wendy's finally, only 4 minutes late for work. Vanessa was short, had long, brown, wavy hair, glasses, and wore black skinny jeans.

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She tied her hair into a bun. She got out of toon handjob car big tits japanese videos ran in to stories in on time.

Omorashi high school - The Sleepover - Wattpad

Pants wasn't the only reason she wanted to make it to work on time. She had woken up late, barely had any time to get ready, and peeing for work! She realized on her way to work, she had not yet taken her morning pee. This made out to be a very long and painful car ride, as she had to drive with one hand on her crotch, and the other hand on the steering wheel.

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She ran out, clocked in, and asked her manager to use the rest room. So Vanessa helped out as much as she could.