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Nude scenes in hostel

Heather Matarazzo nude, Monika Malacova nude - Hostel Part II (2007)

Eli Roth knows how to deliver a horror movie. Not only does he come up with outrageous kills, but he knows he has to put a bunch of hotties in there and make them take their clothes off.

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But there are still some lovely ladies to look at, at least until their innards start coming out. Did you enjoy hostel this movie? We shot in Iceland and we shot in the Czech Republic.

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Prague in the Czech Republic is the most beautiful city. We all got to hang nude together. Is it fun, even in the awful torture scenes?

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Where did you go as an actor to bring out all that fear? Eli was amazing and wrote a great script that is on the page. So Scenes really laid it out for you? You leave there feeling like, "Yeaaaahh.

Barbara Nedeljakova and Jana Kaderabkova nude - Hostel

Each girl in the film has a distinct character. How would you sex offender mcnall yours? Can you relate to your character?