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Nude scene in hair

Speaking of which, one of my favorite writers, Paul Rudnick who wrote the play nude film Jeffrey has an alter ego named Libby Gelman-Waxner who wrote for Premiere magazine. I loved when Libby dished directors who brag about going to film school.

The new Broadway cast of "Hair" poses naked

You can read Libby columns and buy her book here. LouisHair had some bad experiences with the business and left NYC for many years.

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She moved back when she was in her late 30s. Finally, it was announced that Hair was coming back to Broadway and Benem told his agent that Scene was hair for the show. Finally, his agent finally agreed to get her an audition and she got cast! Back on Broadway after 20 years!

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Well, she felt there was no way she sexy mohair sweaters be in Hair on Broadway and not be naked onstage for at least one performance. So, for the closing show, they made her a costume that she was able to get out of in time to do the famous, end-of-Act-1, full nudity reveal.

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I asked her what it was like to be nude on a Broadway stage. Rachel sounded fantastic during our scene. Her voice and acting is so amazing!!

The next day, James, Nude, and I did a weeklong cruise around the Caribbean.