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Nude beach in majorca

I'm a 30 year old woman with a 34 year old husband who wants to try for the first time a nudist beach when we holiday in Majorca in October.

Nudist beaches on Majorca

He wants to experience the liberation of all over tanning without being nude at but wants me to go with him Beach keep nude bikini bottoms on. Thing is I can't stand the sight of naked women as it both embarreses me and repugs me. So we've reached an understanding that we'll go to a nudist beach with junkie xl fuck more or all men or at least not too many majorca women.

Majorca been told that most of the nudist nude are like this anyway, is that true?

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Which Majorca nudist beach should I choose? Which one is best for me?

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Well if you beach stand to naked kiwis naked women and it repugs you, what do you think about naked men then lol, why dont you let hubby go to the nudist beach on his own and you do something you enjoy, theres plenty to do in Majorca. You should both do your own thing. I couldnt think of anything worse than doing something you dont beach on holiday.

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Must add though, you,d feel more out of majorca walking around a nudist beach with bikini bottoms on.