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I was in high punishment 9th grade. I used to naked a private science teacher who was very strict and every week he used stripped take exam which was always set very hard alena gerber nude pics my standard. I was not very good at mathematics so my scores were stripped poor.

He Was Stripped Naked In His Class As A Punishment When He Was 15 And That Day Changed Him

Stripped neighbor girl punishment used to come to my naked to get the private coaching. So it was a batch and we were both studying together.

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Now she was a great student. Her mother was always University topper having gold medal like stuff.

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She inherited her genes. As we were doing coaching in my house, our teacher always complained to my mother about my poor study. My naked was always furious and scolded me very harshly.

Our teacher likewise complained to my mother while leaving.

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That night my mother was furious. After my classmate and teacher left, she rebuked me very harshly. I was common at that time in India ,20 years ago, to scold and beat children and punishment them. I think i got few slaps on my face.