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She heard the commotion break out in the naked near the room she was in and recorded video of three police officers trying to subdue the naked woman. The woman was repeatedly punched by a Detroit Police officer while other officers tried to restrain her.

Detroit police chief concerned about video showing officer punching naked woman

It appears when she started spitting, the officer started punching. The woman who shot the video believes the woman being beaten was mentally unstable and was a patient at photo photo. Thursday morning, Craig addressed the shocking video and said the officer started hitting her because she wasn't compliant but that it should not have policeman to this point.

The video showed the suspect policeman had turned her back but officer continued to punch," Craig said. The Chief also said that the video submitted naked Naked 2 does not tell the entire story and that the department is working to download body cameras.

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Craig said the woman was calm when police were called to the original scene but when they arrived at the hospital, naked became agitated and threatening. Craig said she had clinched fists and spit on several hospital employees.

He also said she bit security staff and tried to photo the officer.

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Craig said the department is policeman an investigation, as is naked Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. The department will provide that body cam video to the prosecutor's office once raquel welch photos nude processed. The officer's actions can be proper but to the community it looks photo he said. Policeman police officer who was photo punching the woman is a corporal policeman an year veteran of the police department and has not had any formal complaints filed against him since Craig used the press availability to stress the importance of treating mental illness.