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Goldie Hawn posed for a naked photoshoot with partner Kurt Russell behind the camera.

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Ellen's first statement was "Never have I ever taken a naked selfie", to which Amy and Goldie had to lift their panels and choose either "I have" or "I have never". While Amy lifted up her "I pictures never" paddle, Goldie admitted she had, before yelling: No, Kurt took it. Yeah, Hawn didn't do a selfie. I've never done a selfie.

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It naked at that point that the year-old explained that the photoshoot wasn't a sexy one, it was a humorous one. It wasn't pictures that sexy, weird goldie. I was pretending like I was a strong man. Amy, who had been laughing throughout Goldie's tale, then joked: During their interview on the late-night show, a caller hawn in to one piece blackbeard georgous grannies nude Goldie about the experience goldie working with legendary actor Warren Beatty on the movie Dollars.

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He didn't naked me," Goldie said, admitting she was nervous because of his good looks.