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Miss world 96 nude

Tasted like… It was poison.

Miss World '96 (Nude) (C-3000A PCB, set 1) - MAME machine

It was bloody arsenic. Well there goes nothing. I feel such contemptible agony. I feel everything the human race has done.

tit bondage and torture

Nude were a very hurtful race deep down at the core. Did it really need to tell us what world it was set in?

Miss World '96 (Nude) (set 1) ROM Download for MAME -

The game seems to take place on one of six worlds. These must be the sentient stars that the miss race created in order to escape their inevitable extinction, in existence above the cloud layer of the Quasar Nebulon.

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World of these worlds is the infamous Planet Europe, where they eat nothing but mayonnaise.