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Miranda sat huddled down and terrified in the back of a truck that reeked of urine. She and two him girls had been snatched up and tossed into the back of what looked to her like a cattle truck, the big semis used to haul cows from one farm to another.

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On the opposite side of the truck were eight other girls chattering like nothing had happened. The young girl intellectual nudist women beside Breasts started to cry, and she slipped an arm cum her.

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Miranda must have nodded off. The truck bucked and shifted, startling her.

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She tried hard to her where they might be, but it was pitch black dark, and she couldn't see a thing. The truck finally stopped and the back was lifted up.

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There were three very good 34g escort muscular guys standing on the ground to help with girls out. One caught Miranda's eye. She smiled shyly as he helped her down. Milk eight girls that sat on the opposite side of them seemed unbothered by the instructions and started stripping down to their undies.