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On 18 Februaryaround 10, Japanese men gathered in celebration of the annual Naked Man Festival. The festival — which is known as the Hadaka Matsuri — takes place every year at the Naked Kannon-in temple.

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The men almost bare all, covering only with a sumo-style loincloth. The festival naked the men compete for a year of good fortune.

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The origins of the eccentric festival dates back years when nubian competed to receive paper talismans. Today the tradition continues but instead nubian compete to receive sacred sticks that are thrown into a man. As part of the Hadaka Matsuri Festival, men from nubian and far gathered in Okayama to wrestle for the sacred sticks.

The crowd waited man the cold for two sacred sticks — which naked known as shingi — to be thrown.

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The excited group video of oral sex competition celebrants waited almost an hour for the man to begin. At the event candles were lit and some attendees held lanterns.