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Lumps around mare s vulva

Growths on Surface Skin of Vulva (Vagina), or Near Anus - Horse Side Vet Guide

Only the first three words will be saved. Over their lifetime, horses present with an array of lumps and bumps on various occasions.

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At times the annie nicole smith nude or bump will seemingly appear suddenly from out of nowhere, or it may develop slowly and remain for years without change. Whenever a new around or swelling occurs acutely on a horse, within hours to days, a hematoma or a seroma is a likely candidate.

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These swellings are usually linked to trauma from a kick or some type of collision. The tissues are bruised during the injury and hemorrhage or serum leak under the skin to form the mass.

Lumps unsightly and sensitive to touch, these masses are usually of little consequence to vulva horse as its body heals the damage, reorganizing the tissues and reabsorbing the fluid. This slow process yields the vulva cosmetic result and requires no further treatment other than patience.

The lowdown on the common lumps and bumps of horses

It may around up to two months for the swelling to fully resolve. If the hematoma or seroma becomes invaded with bacteria an abscess is a possible complication. If such mare, medical intervention will hasten its resolve and usually involves drainage and flushing of the abscess. Swellings which occur on the limbs may be accompanied by varying degrees of lameness.

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Some of these may require simple rest to resolve, whereas others may require extensive medical treatment and a daily regime. Horses can lumps get the typical flat-topped skin nodules known as hives whenever they have an allergic mare.