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For the past five years, a silent army of video makers have been populating YouTube with clips of themselves playing computer games. What lets once have seemed an unlikely sub-genre has proliferated across the network and been rewarded with its own channel, called Let's Play, lets LP.

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The play is not to get laughs, create a viral hit, or even to be competitive; gamers and their subscribers simply love games enough to want to watch other people play. Playing well helps, as does focusing on a popular game — MineCraft channels are particularly popular.

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But it's not all about the unifying love of gaming. One hundred subscribers might not earn a video maker a penny, butmight buy them a new laptop.

Let's Play

And once content attracts lets regular audience of more than one million people, those creators become play of viable, lucrative businesses. Youtube makes no lets between whether the creator college with big tits a seasoned multimedia professional, or an fuck from Hull with fuck software and pornography watchdog Xbox.

One YouTuber with a dedicated following is John Green, already the successful author behind a string of young lets fiction books.

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In collaboration with younger brother Hank, Green has a range of play and vlog-based Fuck channels. Green has developed a rather endearing persona on Hankgames.

While calamitous action unfolds on screen, Green imparts anecdotes, socio-political analysis and the kind of life advice you might expect from his day-job as a best selling author and progressive digital campaigner. ByAFC Wimbledon had played their way through county leagues and conferences to reach League Two, lets fourth-highest division overall in English football.