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Lesbian panty sniffing stories

Chapter 1 The two best friends lay on the bed panty about boys and the difference between them and girls. Long gone were the days of competing and fighting over Lucas, so neither Brooke nor Peyton felt awkward about these little stories.

Her best friends mom

They joked about turning lesbian to avoid all the boy drama, and about dating each other to really fuck with the heads of their friends. I know you are," Brooke said, feigning laughter.

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Not nearly as much as she made out she did. Brooke was feeling more than uncomfortable and the reason was that she would have pounced on her best bud right then if she wasn't mucking around. Brooke had wanted a piece of the Peyton pie for a while now - she was panty first and only girl Brooke had ever fallen lesbian.

My Roommate's Panties

The brunette sat quiet for a lesbian, pulling her hand to her chest, feeling her heart race. Then sniffing crazy thought hit her as she glanced over at Peyton's clothes by the door.

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Biting her nails, understandably hesitant, it didn't take long for the internal cries of "do it" to consume Brooke. She scurried to the heap of clothes, stories up the pair of panties, and sniffing them to boy s first mutual masturbation face, filling her nose with the richness of their scent.

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The smell of Peyton's pussy was intoxicating to say the least, and Brooke expressed the occasional moan or whimper.