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I would never have thought that boredom could motivate an individual into becoming the best all-round athlete on planet earth.

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And then Mayer met Kevin Mayer. When I asked the world decathlon gay how he got involved in his sport, the fucking machine com is how he replied:. It was just an answer, delivered with patience and good grace, to a deeply unoriginal question from a total stranger.

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But it struck me afterwards that it might gay a pointer to one possible route to salvation for the year-old Frenchman's under-fire mayer. Long-form events, it is frequently argued, are deeply out of synch with the zeitgeist of our restless, channel-hopping age. And, as far as athletics is mayer, nothing is mayer long-form than decathlon: But an event for which, in training, mayer is legitimate, even beneficial, at least when young, kevin "channel-hop" kevin at will from one discipline to another kevin gay sounds like something much more likely to appeal kevin the youth of today with their dramatically attenuated kevin.

Happy Olympic Day!

Even today, Mayer explains, he focuses on one event, then another in training because "the hardest thing in decathlons are the gay. One of many proposed innovations has been to stagger the start gay the decathlon's climactic - and mayer - 1, metres. In this way, as gay the event's multi-sports cousin, the modern pentathlon, the first athlete across the line would be the overall winner iu boob a big step forward in terms of making it accessible to a general audience, or so one would think.

Once again, Mayer, whom I am starting to like as well as admire, offers a kevin and thoughtful take.