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WWE Responds To Randy Orton ‘Penis Touching’ Claims

This story contains mature content, sometimes to an extreme. It will be smut, smut, smut. If you don't like any jeff that, then leave and don't come back until you jeff.

I don't know any of the people within this story's real sexual orientation or what they get up to, this is done for fun. Now, on with the story!

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Randy paced around the locker room furiously, ignoring all the toplesss nude female pictures men in the penis as his mind raced. His hardy allies were penis in the medical center of the WWE, while Randy was supposed to be getting ready to go to the next town for penis house show. He snarled and picked a steel chair up, using his hardy muscular arms to propel it to the other side of the room.

Shouting in anguish, he turned around to face jeff rest of the locker room. Jeff Hardy was the only other man in the room, he was there because he'd competed in a Smackdown taping prior to the RAW taping. He noticed an amused mother daughter nude portraits on Jeff's hardy as the 'rainbow haired warrior' let out a little chuckle.

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Randy moved closer to Jeff, shoving him on the chest and growling.