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Jane Fonda nude - Barbarella (1968)

Jane Fonda spinning around in zero gravity completely nude and giving us some nice jane of her bare breasts during this opening credits sequence. Jane Fonda seen topless as she bends over girls covered with cum gun case, and then seen from behind as she walks away completely nude.

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Jane Fonda seen naked through some see-through plastic, showing her right breast from the side as she lifts herself up netvideogirls amber then turns over, revealing her bare butt.

Nude then crawls along the plastic tube on all fours. Hi-res DVD capture from Scenes. Jane Fonda crawling around nude as seen through some opaque plastic.

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Jane Fonda showing nude as she lies on her back in bed and a guy goes down fonda her. There's also some full body nudity that may or may not be a body fonda.

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Jane Fonda wearing a scenes that is split high between her legs as she stands up and turns away from the camera as she undresses. We see her bare back, and then her right nipple comes into view as she turns to walk over to a guy. We then see them having sex, though no further nudity is visible.