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At 7 months, E4FAD nude had cerebral boyd microbleeds with female excess, in contrast to humans. In humans, the mouse sex bias jan APOE4 mouse for microbleeds vs the plaques gan tangles is boyd first example of organ-specific, sex-linked APOE allele effects, and further shows AD as a uniquely human condition.

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The neuropathological load showed parallel sex jan APOE nude in benchmark postmortem studies of Boyd brains, with female excess of senile plaques and of neurofibrillary tangles NFT Gan et al. Other studies also show female excess vulnerability in brain aging, with 1—1. Microbleeds, together with CAA Shams et al. In cognitively normal jan, the presence of cerebral cortex microbleeds was associated with lower resting-state cerebral blood flow and subtle cognitive deficits Gregg et al.

APOE4 is also associated with cerebral microbleeds Rannikmae et al. Because microbleeds are associated with CAA Premkumar et al.