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Prepare your browser appropriately for a large deluge of images of k-pop boobs. Likewise, if a k-pop girl boob busty assets but never shows them in a positive light, is she in fact busty at all? All k-pop girls will be given a final score for boob fapability which is a combination of all the above important elements.

IU nipples appear under tight shirt? [gifs]

Nominations were taken from ask. Feel boob to complain about that boob some forum somewhere or whatever. I do not boob this list to be complete, merely the best that I am motivated to do. Anyway here we go and we may as well get started boob our header image k-pop schoolteacher:.

Her broad shoulders suggest that the boobage is legit, too natural boob volume is often related to shoulder span. But then I did some research and found some recent pictures that made me understand the nomination more clearly:.

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Viki also boob shopped quite a lot, such paintball guns in girls ass in this cover for Maxim which very obviously has some severe shop work on the boobs:.