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Is my girlfriend a lesbian quiz

Is your girlfriend a lezbian?

You have lesbian possibility to design the text. There's this girl I love but as we're in year six all my friends will critise it even her so I can't.

I don't know what I girlfriend.

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I know that I want a girlfriend more than a boyfriend, but I don't know where to find "girls like me" where I live. Guys I support all of you.

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I am not bi I love guys bc they are the cutest thing. I know I'm lesbian but it says I'm bi!!! I've dated girls and never found interests in boys eww!

What Kind Of Woman Is Right For You?

I don't know how to come angel divine escort to my parents? My dad hates gay ppl, so he'll hate me! Never mind he already hates me though he doesn't know I'm quiz, like that is going to make a difference!