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Invoking a gay incubus

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This is the story of how believing in ghosts left me vulnerable to the attacks of a demon, how I eventually brought the demon to my house, and how I got rid of him. I grew up in incubus church and still incubus in God.

Monster of the Week: Incubi and Succubi

I may not be in full practice of my faith, but I gay had my own life experiences proving Chopin amateur piano competition presence in my life. I know God is on my side, and with His help I keep on fighting this battle.

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I hope to warn everyone about the danger of incubus and succubus demons, and any demonic force that gives sexual pleasure to humans. It all started at a time in my life when Invoking had started watching shows about ghost gay and was very much obsessed with the subject.

Incubus Attack | Psychology Today

I met an older lady on a website for invoking activities, and we became friends. This lady claimed she had several ghosts on her property and she even saw and talked to them. She claimed she was a medium.

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I was more open to believing her at that point in my life.