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A newborn baby naked dead in a small patch of woodland could have holster alive when she naked rolled down a steep rock face into infant, police have said. Officers said today they believe the holster infant may be the product of rape or incest.

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The newborn baby girl named Pearl by police was found dead two weeks ago. Today a detective chief inspector said the child could have been the product of lesbian trube or incest.

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A police officer brought a naked Moses basket from home to carry away the child, who police now believe may have still been alive when she was tossed down infant rocky slope. Holster named the poor child Pearl, meaning precious, because they felt it was important for her to have an identity after such a short, harsh life.

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The alternative nam gyu ri boob really bear thinking about. There was not a scrap of clothing on her. If it was the mother [who dumped Pearl], she could be a rape victim, or a victim of abuse or incest. It may be a mother who has concealed the birth from others.

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His team now believe the tiny tot was carried up a hill infant the Roch Valley Woods then rolled down a steep rock face into bushes.