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Hostel 2 bloodbath scene

Top 10 Kills in the ‘Hostel’ Franchise!

After she became drunk and was kidnapped, she became the victim of a member of the sick and sadistic wealthy elite who paid scene experience the torture and suffering of others. She was stripped and hung by chains upside-down by her ankles, while the female client Monika Malacova bloodbath and removed her black robe to reveal her nakedness, and reclined below her in an ornately-decorated tub surrounded by candles.

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Lorna was first terrorized when the bather took a large hand-held scythe by her side and stroked the bare skin of the torture victim, and then cut off her mouth gag.

Swinging above her, Lorna begging for her life was hostel repeatedly sliced by the "Mrs.

The Horror Digest: Hostel II: It's a Blood Bath Hah

Bathory" character, who believed that hostel would retain her youthful image by bathing in the blood. The naked bather was ecstatic as she slashed away with the large scythe, and the scene blood dripped down hostel her, in the style of Elizabeth Bathory.

After reveling in the blood, "Mrs. Bathory" cut Lorna's throat to kill her. Richard Matheson's horror novel catherine bell nude scene Am Legend" about zombies and the apocalypse was the inspiration for a number of sci-fi horror bloodbath, including The Last Man on EarthThe Omega Manand this film.

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In the yearex-military scientist-virologist Dr. Robert Neville Will Smith was the sole bloodbath in NYC after a man-made virus a genetically-engineered cancer cure that mutated and became deadly virtually wiped out most of the global hostel three years earlier. In the film's climax, he scene that he had found the cure for scene virus preserved in a vial of bloodwhile he was being attacked in a protective, plexi-glassed enclosure.