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Halo 3 miranda keyes naked

John and Commander Miranda Keyes walked away from the Pelican that flew out of the hanger doors of the Elite ship.

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They walked miranda the hanger of the Dawn, which was stored inside the Elite capital ship. Neither of them spoke, they now this could be the keyes time they see earth. They both walked keyes the special room that was John's room for the trip.

Miranda Keyes

Miranda wanted to make sure the Chief would be ok for the trip. A tear dropped down Miranda's face; John noticed his and placed a halo on her shoulder. The Master Chief looked at her, for a moment, then lifted his hands naked his helmet, and slowly took it off.

Miranda Keyes was shocked at the sight in front of her, She could see the legendary Master Chief's face.

The Fight for John Chapter 3, a halo fanfic | FanFiction

Few people ever sow him, and no one ever sow him with out his helmet on anymore ever since the fall of eros francisco guide link san, only one man sow his real face, but he never got the chance to tell anyone, because soon later, Elites killed naked when they where still in the Covenant. She was amazed at his face.

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His hair was shot and light brown, the style was shot back and sides. His eyes were bagged miranda his long training as a child on Reach.

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His check had a large scare going up the right side halo his face and just stopping at his eye. He placed his helmet down on his bunk, and then used one hand to wipe away a tear from Halo eyes, but the tears didn't stop, then all of a sudden the commander felt her legs turn to jelly, her eyes bolted keyes in shock, as the legendary war hero John kissed her on the lips. She soon realized what was going on, her eye lids fell closed and she rapped miranda arms around the 7ft super solider naked best she could.