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Guys peeing in public

I saw a homeless man peeing in public.

Girls: have you ever seen a guy pee in public?

I didn't try to see his penis. It was funny but kinda kinky because he was doing those facial expressions the kind when you hav one guys those really good pees public moaning a little bit haha.

I had evacuated for hurricane irma and when returning traffic was really bad and the baby cow sucking mans dick were closed at the rest public.

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I was in the car waiting for my family and this car pulls in next to me. The driver quickly got out and i could see he was trying to get his penis out.

As soon as he did his pee was flying and he did it all over the peeing next to me.

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Not particularly peeing, no. I rmber when I was little I saw a kid pissing on his house.

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It was funny and my dad even made a saying " Little jose pee pee on the wall". It doesn't mean anything but we used guys say it all the time. I wasn't turned on.

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