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Glory hole iceland

Glory Hole was published by FC2 in September of It's a very long novel I've worked on for eleven years.

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Glory Hole is now available at Powells. It's about the ravages of iceland, about AIDS and meth and porn, it's hole life during the "war on terror" and fake biographies, kidnapped children and schoolhouse shootings, San Francisco, street outreach, the study of Arabic glory forms, the study of transgender Polish modernists, obsession, future life forms, Amish children and wayward Mormons, getting lost in iceland woods, prison as both metaphor and reality, a glory romantic attitude toward adult resorts usa and hole. It iceland serves as commentary on and a version of the I Ching, meaning you can use it as an oracle.

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If you'd like instructions on using Glory Hole to advise you on your life affairs, go here. Glory Hole jerks and sputters with flitting urgency, electricity, paranoia and cosmic catastrophe—it offers a kaleidoscopic lens through which beauty turns to horror, and vice versa.

Which are you—captivated or taken captive?

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Beachy peels away the surface with a delicate, invisible blade. I am left raw, open, gaping…in utter awe. In the far distance, black and purple rain clouds had been pasted into the otherwise empty sky.

Dumbest Things to Do in Iceland

The vapor trails hung down like chromosomes. This all happened a long time hole and nobody knows it. Might as well have dreamed it.