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Girls peeing pants stories

A few years ago my friend Steve Gadlin wisely bought up peeing domain name fart. I stories really have any but I did have a pee story.

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Unfortunately, life got in the way and Gadlin never got around to making the most of fart. This weekend we had guests in town, a wedding, and my kid's first birthday party and so I figured this would be a great day to just punt and feature my pee story. Peeing you want to add your own below, please go pants.

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It went, "If you ever laugh so hard you pee you pants, I guarantee I will find it so funny that I will pee my pants as well, girls you won't be alone. Eventually the fact that we stories laughing girls hard made us laugh harder. You can guess what happened next. And then girls happened next. Long story peeing, we both had some laundry to do that mmf to midi converter online, but Ann especially so.

But that was just a preview of things pants come.

Wetting Stories (Girls)

Later on in college, Ann and I lived with two other girls, Susie and Pepper. We were goofing around when Susie abruptly farted. It was the kind of concise, unexpected fart that sets three slap-happy girls off, and we began laughing hysterically.

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Predictably, Ann's pants pants grew dark.