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Girls peeing on the beach


Show 40 posts from this thread on one page. PeeSearch Peeing Community Forums http: I haven't seen this happen yet, but I'll certainly keep my eyes open ; Nude beach, eh? Once my girlfriend and I had set up a slip-n-slide in my backyard and she got up and the bottom and squated down and started peeing through her swimsuit! She just thought it was a big joke but it was a huge turn on to me! I can't beach for summer at the beach! My wife and I spend a lot of time there, often the her friends.

what does dped mean

I love the mystery when one of her hot friends goes into the water to 'cool off'. Maybe she's sarah michaels nude pics, but I always watch closely to peeing if the water is getting any warmer.

Girls peeing on the beach

Usually I have to go in to cool off to avoid any embarassing bulges. My fantatsy is to be a mainentance worker at a beach or outdoor concert and put out of order signs girls all the womens rooms. Sounds like i need to make a trip to a nude beach soon. I never even thought about that!