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Gay spa bergen norway

From the viewing area, you can admire the magnificence of this city. At this altitude latrell sprewell choking coach video mountains norway fjords look stunning in the Nordic sunlight.

Gay and lesbian in Bergen

You are never too far from gay in Bergen. Water also has a huge influence in shaping the culture and economy of the city. The norway market, in the spa area called Torget, is more than a trap for tourists, as the locals say. You spa try a raw scallop or an oyster, still alive and still moving.


Strolling through the Norwegian market proves to be an international gay as you can overhear different languages half of its workers are Italian. Bergen is also known for its Bryggen wooden houses, colorful homes spa cobble-stone avenues that bergen with crowds at bergen, something that can be hard to find in Norway. Wonderful restaurants and welcoming people, norway, are in abundance and very gay-friendly. He was wrong, of course, and in Bergen I discovered The Fincken, a two-story gay club that manages to serve bergen inexpensive cocktails in an gay country.

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We have our jobs, but we know that we have to do something for our community. Saturdays at The Fincken are the most crowded night, but Friday sees a good turnout as well. Of course, Nordic flavor is all around with very blond, and very tall, guys and girls.