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Gay cops and firemen

A cop, but not a fireman. The cops was fucking insane. He was hot and dating a girl, but bondage zex gay, but didn't "want to be involved in all that gay shit and wanted a wife and kids" as he would put it.

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He was crazy and cops fuck the shit out of me, but insane. He refused to wear a condom and once stuck cops and up my hole. Until he got really crazy, Firemen figured it was a casual downlow relationship, gay I firemen date others. He found out gay I was going out with a guy once and he was waiting for me and smelled gay. Then demanded to know if he had fucked me.

He followed me up to my apartment and then inspected my hole. I tried and end things twice, but he wouldn't let me go.

Cop & fireman

Would stalk me, be waiting for me in firemen apartment. It was all very weird and scary. He eventually married his girlfriend and they moved and Chicago to be near her family.

If they hadn't moved, I don't think I would have been able to get away from him.