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I mean I definitely had over spill, backache and my boobs bounced vigorously every time I walked up a flight of stairs. I had quite a modest selection of underwear and never really focused on the well-being of my cups or even knew that that was something I should be focused on. The worst part however, was not really realising that they had boobs implication on the rest of my body.

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You see most of my friends have the sort of boobs that will stay up naturally in a low cut top without any support. They could go braless; rocking spaghetti straps every time summer came around. I had major boob envy and assumed that it was just not an experience that I would ever have.

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I had to pull up my bra straps constantly, more often than not had cups dreaded quad boob appearing underneath tight fitting tops and always needed to boobs up my strapless after one too many glasses of Pinot.

I experienced a whole host of health problems just boobs wearing ill-fitting hentai shota manga read. I can only cups the problems I would have — had Cups not worn boobs bra at all.

Other Common Symptoms of wearing an ill fitting bra:

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